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"Too many interesting things..."

GK Chesterton describes one of the challenges in life as there being "too many interesting things" and I think he is right!

I would describe myself as a person interested in very many things.  I really like to:  read, fly fish, teach science, ride my bicycle, teach Tae-kwon-do to my son, help my daughter with math, practice writing, cook stir fry or Thai curry with my wife, design a new laboratory activity for my biology class, work on my web page, Skype my mom, feed my sheep, replace the car's radiator - so many opportunities and interesting people to enjoy them with!  One life is not enough!

This website shows my distraction by life, to some degree. It is a little about me, about my work, about what I enjoy doing.  I use it to distribute software and documents to students, post videos for my parents, document family history, enlarge my web presence.

Thank you for being interested.  If you have any comments or suggestions I welcome feedback.  To email me please click on the tab at top labeled "Contact."  A page will open where you can send me a note.

I'm gratified that the Clustrmap shows visitors from many countries.  Thanks to you ALL for dropping by this virtual front porch.  I wish you caught me at home so we could hang out, share a coffee, and talk about what interests you and anything else.

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